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     Creswell, Oregon, is home on the range to PRCA Rodeo Announcer Wayne White, his wife Evie, daughter Courtney, son-in-law Phil, and grandsons Dalton and Gaitlin.  Involved in Rodeo his whole life, from bullriding to announcing, the Eugene Pro Rodeo is blessed to have one of the best.  Made of chiseled granite, they come no tougher than Wayne White.  We hope, like many before us have, that you'll go away after hearing Wayne announce our Rodeo proud to be an American. 

     Wayne believes "If you love what you do, and get paid for it, you never go to work a day in your life.  He truly loves the world of rodeo, but more than that, underneath his Marine exterior, you'll know there's both passion and compassion with this in-the-saddle announcer.

Erick Schwindt,  Professional Bull Fighter, Sponsored by Cosmos Creations

     I grew up in a little town of Lyons, Oregon, in the mountains.  I played sports since I was little.   I didn't really grow up with any intent of getting into the rodeo business.   My older brother started riding bulls when he was younger and it made me want to try it but it wasn't really for me, so I just hung out around rodeos till I was about 13 years old.  I watched my buddy, Jesse Tennet, who had been fighting bulls for a while and it inspired me to try it one day and I loved it.  I attended a Danny Newman school in Pasco, Washington.

      I have two wonderful parents,  my Mom, Kim Schwindt, and my Dad, Kevin Schwindt, and my older brother, Billy Schwindt, who have supported me from the start.

     I have been fighting bulls for about 10 years now.  In the fall of 2011 I decided I wanted to take my career to the next level.  I attended a Rob Smets bullfighting school along with my fellow bullfighting partner, Logan Blasdell, in Coulee City, Washington, where Rob taught me the correct fundamentals of fighting bulls.   From there, Rob invited my best friend Logan and me to go to Livingston Texas for a bullfighting protection match and freestyle competition.  Rob has been the best mentor, friend and teacher a young bullfighter could ask for. Rob has also helped us take our careers to the next level.  I earned my PRCA permit in September of 2011.

Logan Blasdell,  Professional Bull Fighter, Sponsored by Cosmos Creations

Logan's Awards

    Ugo, Oklahoma Freestyle Champion, 2013
     Sulphur Springs, Texas Freestyle Champion, 2013
     Liberty, Texas Freestyle Champion, 2013
     Rex Dunn Memorial Bullfight in Waurika, Oklahoma Champion 2014
     NFR Bucking Stock Sale, Las Vegas, 2012  

     Champion Protection Bull Fighter
Livingston, Texas Champion Protection Bull Fighter,  2011

     Texarkana, Arkansas, Bucking Stock Sale Champion Protection Bull Fighter, 2011
     Ft. Worth Texas Bucking Stock Sale, Champion Protection Bull Fighter, 2011 & 2012

                Danger Dave Whitmoyer, Professional Rodeo Entertainer, Barrelman,                      Sponsored by Ram Jack West


Danger is a 31-year- old Professional Barrel Man and Bullfighter from Helena, Montana. He has been entertaining crowds and fighting bulls since 2007 while he was still in school at Carroll College. He obtained two business degrees while he was in college while playing football and winning 2 National Championships at Carroll College, he graduated with a A.A. in Business Administration from North Dakota State College of Science, and then received his B.A. in Business Management from Carroll College. David currently spends most of his time on the Canadian Pro Rodeo Circuit along with numerous other amateur associations around the U.S. and Canada, working as an entertainer in the rodeo business. In 2015 Danger did over 100 performances around North America, that’s over a million people he keeps on the edge of their seats night in and night out at rodeos and bullridings throughout the year. Dave also visits elementary and middle schools in the towns that he is performing, he does hands on demonstrations with his equipment (barrel, clothing, padding, props) and students, along with presenting students with an informative talk on the importance of getting an education, and that staying in school pays off in the end.

 Danger Dave Whitmoyer

Danger Dave Whitmoyer